Home Entertainment ‘LANDLINE.’: Vans’ First-Ever Snowboarding Film (Video)

‘LANDLINE.’: Vans’ First-Ever Snowboarding Film (Video)

by Joseph


This is the year that not one, but two movies called LANDLINE. came out, albeit only one with that specific formatting (neither, tragically, is a Larry Cohen-penned followup to Phone Booth, Cellular, and Messages Deleted). The one we’re concerned with here is not the 90s-set comedy/drama starring Jenny Slate, but instead the first-ever snowboarding film from Vans. Here’s the film’s director Tanner Pendleton on the inspiration behind the project:

“Snowboarding films have always provided me with endless amounts of inspiration. I want this film to reach out to kids out there the same way these films reached me when I was young. This collaborative vision is a true expression of some of the most real and dedicated people in snowboarding.”

LANDLINE. is the end result of two years of filming the Vans snowboarding team in the wintry climes of Russia, Canada, and Bulgaria. Team members included in the film are Jake Kuzyk, Sam Taxwood, Cole Navin, Arthur Longon, Pat Moore, and more, and you can check out a trailer for the movie below:

LANDLINE. reportedly comes out in January of next year, so stay tuned.


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