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Land Rover Defender XTech Special Edition

by Joseph

Land Rover Defender XTech Special Edition

The people at Land Rover are reportedly working on the SUV that will replace its famous Defender model. But in the meantime, the Defender still has a lot of fans. And those fans should be pleased with the Defender XTech Special Edition, which gives them the Defender they love with a couple of special twists.

Designed as an aesthetic improvement over the Defender, the XTech is available in Orkney Grey or Nara Bronze, which is an exclusive paint job to this model. These metallic colors go nicely with black accents throughout the vehicle, and blacked out headlight surrounds, bumpers, door sills, and wheels. In addition to these cosmetic changes, the XTech also comes with a variety of optional features that make it more of a mainstream drivable automobile than many of the other no-frills Defenders.

If this looks like something you’d want to own, you’ve got to come up with about $43,000. Oh, and it’s only available in the UK at the moment.

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