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Lampster: Illuminate Your Workspace With Character

by Joseph


A being from a dimension populated by walking and talking lamps who accidentally falls through an interdimensional rift and is trapped in a world he never made, it’s the Lampster. I made that origin story up (with apologies to Steve Gerber), but it’s an example of the kind of imaginative ideas this creative lamp can stimulate.

That stimulation makes Lampster an ideal accessory for the desk or workspace of any creative person, but more importantly than that, the little guy just looks awesome, beating even the Pixar lamp all to hell in the character department. Basically, this is the most lovable lamp on the market today.

If seeing Lampster in the photo above makes you love lamps, you can support its Kickstarter campaign right here, where pre-orders of the lamp, available in a variety of colors, start at $179 for the next month and change.  Deliveries are expected to begin by January of next year.

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