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LaMetric Customizable Smart Ticker

by Joseph


Computers and smartphones are great, but an unfortunate byproduct of the current age is that we’re losing those cool light-up tickers that used to display information. Thankfully Smart Atoms is bringing it back with the LaMetric, a smart ticker that can display information from pretty much any source, and that’s fully customizable for whatever it is that you might want to use it to do.

The LaMetric 37 x 8 pixel display is in full color, and gives a real-time (yet retro) spin to everything from FB and Gmail notifications to stock prices, event reminders, caller ID, and anything else you might care to have displayed on its screen. It also has a speaker, for audio notifications as well as visual ones.

Right now, the LaMetric is on Kickstarter, where it’s well on its way to reaching its fundraising goal of $69,000. But if you go there now, you can get a plug-in LaMatric for $89, and a battery-powered one for $119.

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