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Lamborghini Unveils Three Smartphones and a Luxury Tablet

by AnthonyP

Tonino Lamborghini Smartphones, Tablet

Lamborghini has unveiled a new line of luxury tablets and smartphones to complement its state-of-the-art racing vehicles.

In commemoration of the Tonino Lamborghini line of products, the company is unveiling three new luxury phones and an Android tablet that’s every bit as stylish as the vehicles they are intended to promote.

Two of the three phones include the Lamborghini Spyder TL688, which comes with a 2-inch display and a 3MP video camera, front camera, 4gb memory, and EDGE support. The other, the TL820 Spyder 2, has a slightly larger 2.4″ display, 1GB of expendable memory, and a 2.5mm audio jack. Both of these camera phones have a gold case plating and retail at a price of $1,829 and $2,438, respectively.

The third phone, the TL700, comes with a 3.7″ sapphire crystal display, 4GB of onboard memory and a 5MP camera. It’s covered in crocodile skin and a gold plate. Powered by Android OS, the phone costs $2,750.

Lamborghini’s tablet is the L2800 Android powered tablet which retails for $2,268, and is dressed in a carbon fiber appearance much like the company’s vehicles.  Expensive?  Perhaps, but if you can afford the car, you probably won’t have trouble affording any of their other products.

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