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Lamborghini Alpha One Android Smartphone Costs $2,450 (Video)

by Joseph
Lamborghini Alpha One

Lamborghini Alpha One

The smartphone era has allowed for more people than ever to carry expensive technology in their pockets, which means the market must provide a way for the ultra-wealthy to distinguish themselves in this regard. Enter luxury smartphones, the latest being the Lamborghini Alpha One Android smartphone.

The Lamborghini Alpha One reportedly costs $2,450 at Harrods in London, where it is an exclusive offering (it’s also probably the cheapest Lamborghini you can get, but that’s another story). Technologically, it sticks to the current Android smartphone standard, so that price tag is for status-seekers only, although the phone is coated in the same patented liquid alloy used in Lambo automobiles, purportedly stronger than titanium. That’s encased in custom Italian leather finish, making this a phone that will, uh, stick to your hand when it’s hot? Trying to think of a good downside, here.

See a complete rundown on the Lamborghini Alpha One’s luxurious features in the video below.

Here’s the video:

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