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‘LA Gifathon’: Los Angeles in 30 Animated GIFs (Video)

by Joseph
LA Gifathon

LA Gifathon

Back in the 1950s and 60s, Jack Webb used to sum up what life was like in Los Angeles with his signature “this is the City” monologues on Dragnet. But times have changed, and now the City of Angels is being summed up not in words, but animated GIFs. Animator James Curran spent 30 days in the city, creating a GIF for each day, and now they’ve all been compiled into a strangely hypnotic short film entitled LA Gifathon.

LA Gifathon encompasses many of the common experiences of living in or visiting Los Angeles, including terrible traffic, checking out the Walk of Fame, going surfing with the dolphins, and, uh, using a giant hotdog as a baseball bat. You know, the standard LA activities.

Check out LA Gifathon below. And for more of Curran’s animation work, including an NYC Gifathon, head over to his Vimeo account right here.

Here’s the video:


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