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Kylie Minogue Releases New “Sexercise” Video

by Joseph
Kylie Minogue Sexercise Video

Kylie Minogue Sexercise Video

Here’s an official proclamation: Kylie Minogue has still got it.

That’s based on her latest video, for the track “Sexercise,” which is all about … well, I imagine you already know what a Kylie Minogue “Sexercise” video would be about. It may not be surprising, but as I watched the video, I realized that sometimes surprise is overrated.

The “Sexercise” video shows Kylie Minogue in a vaguely Flashdance inspired setting and in a sexy singlet, doing the titular sexercises and, uh, I think she was singing a song or something. Sometimes a music video is more memorable than its own song, and I’d say this is probably one of those times.

If you work at a church or an elementary school or something, the “Sexercise” video featuring Kylie Minogue below might be considered NSFW. But if you work at a gym, I imagine your boss will want you to show it to everyone you know in order to drum up some business. For everyone else, you can just enjoy the video on your own.

Here it is:

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