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K-Y Launches ‘Sexercises’ Campaign (Videos)

by Joseph
K-Y Sexercises Ad

K-Y Sexercises Ad

The people at K-Y have launched a new ad campaign for their K-Y Gel. It’s called Sexercises, and it imagines a hot new trend in exercise designed to help you keep those (possibly atrophied) sex muscles in shape while improving your performance in bed.

Sexercise classes aren’t real, at least not yet, but that hasn’t stopped K-Y from making it look like the real thing. And the result is pretty funny, showing a world where Sexercise classes are part of every gym membership, and everybody who participates in the program starts having more and better sex.

To check out the K-Y Gel Sexercises ad campaign, you can watch a few videos below. The first one is an overview of the general concept, and the second one is supposed to be the first Sexercise class. No word yet on whether “clean and jerk” counts as a Sexercise.

Here’s the intro video:

And here’s Sexercise class number one:

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