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Kuvée Smart Wine Bottle: “Your Perfect Glass, Anytime” (Video)

by Joseph


We’ve all been there: You want to try a new bottle of wine, but you can’t in good conscience open it until you’ve finished the one you’ve already opened. This and a million other vinous nightmares spring forth from the fact that once you open a bottle, you’re committed to finishing it so it doesn’t go to waste. Now, the Kuvée smart wine bottle is to the rescue.

Kuvée wines come in bottles that don’t allow oxygen inside, so they can stay drinkable for up to 30 days after you open them. But the coolest part is the “smart bottle” that you use to actually pour the wine.  Each bottle can be swapped out and locked into it, and it has a touchscreen interface for info about your selected wine, shopping for other wines, and more.

Kuvée is currently being beta tested by some extremely lucky people, but you can pre-order your own “starter pack” for $199 right here, and see more about the service in the video below.



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