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kSafe: Lock Something Up for a Reinforcing Reward

by Joseph


It’s psychology 101 that one of the best ways to motivate behavior is through a reward after a completed task – a piece of cheese at the end of the maze, so to speak. And there’s a new product that lets you introduce this principle to your daily life more easily and reliably than ever before – it’s called kSafe, an electronically locked safe that will only open when your pre-established conditions are met.

kSafe works through the integrated smartphone app which lets the user program it across a variety of channels. It can sync with fitness trackers, so you don’t get that locked-away Krispy Kreme until you’ve run at least five miles, or on location or time. It could also be an effective parenting tool, if you lock up your kid’s smartphone and tell him the safe will open once he does his homework or something like that.

kSafe is currently in its fundraising stage on Kickstarter, which means you can pre-order one for the very low price of $90 here. Deliveries are estimated to begin in November, just in time for you to try it out on your relatives during Thanksgiving.

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