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KRYDDA/VÄXER: IKEA Unveils Indoor Gardening Product Line (Video)

by Joseph


The field of indoor gardening is mostly thought of as a niche for hobbyists, Armageddon-preparedness nuts, and, uh, enthusiasts in certain other fields.  But IKEA is trying to make indoor gardening mainstream, with a series of products under the KRYDDA/VÄXER banner.

IKEA’s KRYDDA/VÄXER will give customers everything they need to start hydroponically cultivating herbs and vegetables in their own homes in such a way that even the most gardening-ignorant among them would be able to make it work (kind of like how a person who’s never assembled a futon before can do it with one from IKEA). According to IKEA, all you have to do is make sure the water level is where it’s supposed to be, and everything else works out on its own.

IKEA appears to be favoring a low-key publicity approach for the KRYDDA/VÄXER indoor gardening line, but you can get more details at IKEA’s site right here and see a quick promotional video on the process below.

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