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Kormaran: A Real Transforming Boat

by Joseph

I don’t know if you saw Transformers: Age of Extinction, but one thing I thought it was missing amidst all the transforming dinosaurs and luxury sports cars was a transforming boat or two – don’t the Autobots ever need to cross over water while in disguise? But now the real world has actually surpassed the elaborate fiction, thanks to the Kormaran, a boat that can change from katamaran to hydrofoil to trimaran to sunbathing deck in a miracle of modern technology.

According to its makers, the Kormaran can drive, fly (not literally, of course), or glide across the water, depending on which configuration its in at a given time. And the Kormaran has also been designed with an eye towards environmental friendliness and sustainability, because we all know that people who spend tens of thousands of dollars on fancy robot boats love taking care of the environment.

In the gallery below, you can see a few photos of the Kormaran and its various stages of transformation, but for a lot more information you should head over to the Kormaran website here – it’s actually pretty cool, and includes a section where you can rotate pictures of the craft a full 360 degrees.  Fun. Not quite as much fun as living all of your Thunder in Paradise fantasies, but still fun.



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