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Kona Brewing’s Portable Hot Tub = Sound Investment

by Kevin Nardone

I don’t know if it is just my friends, but it feels like with all of the added time at home, behind a screen, everybody I know has turned into Gordon Gecko reborn. The amount of half-baked takes I have heard on various investments is preposterous.

The stock market has been around for hundreds of years and now, just because you are bored at home, all of a sudden you think you can predict the trends in the market?

Just not my speed, I guess… But even I have to make an exception for an opportunity like this… For the low price of $2,000 you can have a ‘Kona Hot Tub’ of your own, complete with a ‘Kona swag pack.’ 

Basically everything you might need to create your own perfect staycation set up as we enter the winter months with more COVID-19 restrictions looming.

So, before you listen to your friend’s 19th different stock tip of the week, maybe take your hard earned money and put it towards something cool. Like a hot tub. A Kona hot tub.

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