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Kole: Handmade Pocket-Size Thermal Flask

by Joseph


Yossi and Max are a pair of designers who’ve come up with an unusual approach to the flask – a design which has been more or less calcified for decades. They call it Kole, a flask that replaces the flatness of the usual hip flask with a sleek torpedo-like design that’s even more portable and still fits in your pocket.

Each Kole flask is made by hand from steel and wood, with a more intuitive design than a traditional flask that fits as easily in your hand as it does in your pocket – and it can keep hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold thanks to its thermal properties.

Kole is available in oak, walnut, and mahogany varieties, or at least it will be after its Kickstarter campaign here comes to a close in a couple months. There you can pre-order one starting at $78, with deliveries slated to begin in December.

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