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Kola House: Pepsi Restaurant Opening in NYC

by Joseph
Pepsi Kola House

Pepsi Kola House

You may not realize it, but there’s a key ingredient to cola of all brands called the kola nut, which gives the drink its flavor. Even if you don’t know the nut by now, Pepsi is hoping to make it a star (and increase their own revenue in the process) with a trendy New York City restaurant called Kola House.

Kola House will not be the kind of place that might spring to mind when you hear the phrase “Pepsi restaurant.” Instead Pepsi is trying to make a splash on social media with influential trendsetters, in order to be “cool,” “relevant,” and other things people who own Pepsi stock are interested in achieving.

Whether it will work is up to the stars, and Kola House is quite a ways off from its opening day, without a chef or full kola nut-heavy menu in place as of yet. But you can read more about the project at The New York Times right here.

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