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Kodak Ektra: A Smartphone for Photographers

by Joseph
Kodak Ektra

Kodak Ektra

Photography brand Kodak is continuing its line of photography-oriented smartphones with the unveiling of the Kodak Ektra, its followup to last year’s IM5. If the name “Ektra” sounds familiar to any photography buffs out there, it is because it’s taken from the brand’s rangefinder from 1941.

Despite its cutting-edge technological specs, the Kodak Ektra’s name is not the only throwback incorporated into the smartphone. It’s also designed to look and feel much like an old-school camera, with a curved grip, old-fashioned shutter button up at the top, and even vintage leather styling and accessories.

The Kodak Ektra is coming to Europe in December of this year, when it will be priced at approximately $547 in American dollars. Unfortunately, Kodak hasn’t released plans to bring the Ektra smartphone to North American shores, but you can stay tuned for more information as well as additional technical specs at the Kodak smartphone’s official site right here.

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