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‘Knuckles’: The Book-Length Tribute to the Knucle Tattoo

by Joseph


Reverend Harry Powell gave knuckle tattoos a pretty bad reputation back in the 1950s, but actually it’s a pretty thriving body art form with plenty of practitioners who would never dream of murdering Shelley Winters. It’s these individuals that are the subject of Knuckles, an entire book of photography devoted to the knuckle tattoo concept.

Much like with vanity plates, an almost infinite amount of messages and ideas can be communicated through knuckle tattoos despite the rigid character limit. Knuckles demonstrates this handily and in full color, with 164 pages of knuckle tat photographs. COOL RITE?

If you agree that it is indeed cool, rite, you can get your own limited edition of Knuckles (only 100 copies made) at Knuckle Tattoos, a site dedicated to you know what, right here. It costs about $140, but if you think about it in knuckle tat terms, that’s only $17.50 per finger — not counting your thumbs, naturally.


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