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Know Thy Nuts: Extremely Classy Soap on a Rope

by Joseph
Know Thy Nuts

Know Thy Nuts

Nothing says class, elegance, and refinement like soap on a rope, but if you’re looking for an even more classy, elegant, and refined variation on this classic theme, you now have the option of acquiring Know Thy Nuts testicular-shaped soap on a rope for your home powder room.

In truth, Know Thy Nuts soap isn’t just a dumb gag, but also the product of Movember Foundation and its anti-testicular cancer initiative. To that end, each package comes with a guide to self-screening, and proceeds go back to awareness efforts by that foundation. So not only do you have soap that looks like balls, but you’re doing a good thing for the fight against cancer too.

If you’re ready to start knowing thy nuts, you can begin by buying a pair of Know Thy Nuts soap from the Movember Foundation right here, where it’s priced at just under $15 – that’s less than $7.50 a ball.

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