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Kniper: “The World’s First Throwing Knife and Multi-Tool” (Photos)

by Joseph

One thing I’ve noticed from watching a lot of old movies is that throwing knives used to be way more chic than they are now. But even back in the golden age of knife-throwing, you never see anybody do anything other than kill someone with a throwing knife.  Those days are now long gone, thanks to the Kniper from Urchin Sky, billed as “the world’s first throwing knife and multi-tool.”

In addition to flying through the air and dealing death to your enemies, the Kniper includes a staggering 22 different multi-tool functions, including screwdriver, wrench, ruler, fork, bottle opener, and even a tobacco pipe. And all these tools and more are packed into a compact, 13 by 2.5 inch package that would make even Richard Henry Benson gasp.

You can see a few photos of the Urchin Sky Kniper in the gallery below. And for more information, or to buy your own, head over to the Urchin Sky site right here, where the throwing knife/multi-tool is priced at $75.

Here’s the gallery:


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