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KLOS Ukulele Is Nearly Indestructible (Video)

by Joseph
KLOS Ukulele

KLOS Ukulele

I’ve never been a ukulele owner or player, but it’s always struck me as a somewhat fragile instrument, liable to break in the face of a stiff wind. The people at KLOS Guitars have taken this as a challenge, evidently, since their newest product is a nearly indestructible ukulele, appropriately referred to as the KLOS Ukulele.

The carbon fiber KLOS Ukulele is supposed to be the strongest in the world, which is a little like being the strongest toothpick in the world, but this is a pretty strong item by any standard, and KLOS proves it by running it over with a car and dropping a cinder block on it in its introductory video:


Right now, the KLOS Ukulele is scheduled to come out in June, with a limited edition of 100 units (must not be too many ukulele players out there who value pure brute strength in their instruments). You can order one at the uke’s IndieGoGo campaign here, where the instruments are priced at $419 a pop

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