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Kirby Café: Nintendo Legend Gets Japanese Restaurant

by Joseph
Kirby Café

Kirby Café

Pokémon Go is currently captivating the nation with a bunch of cute, cuddly monsters, but it’s important to remember that a certain other Nintendo video game character was being annoyingly cute when the creators of Pokémon were just twinkles in their trainers’ eyes.  That character is Kirby, and in Japan at least, he’s being recognized as he deserves, with a line of restaurants under the name Kirby Café.

Interestingly, the Kirby Café will be a western-themed steakhouse, offering Kirby fans 16-ounce ribeyes and other beefy delicacies in an authentic cowboy setting…just kidding.  It’s going to be a bunch of pink and fluffy foodstuffs that you can imagine Kirby sucking through his maw before stealing their powers. Naturally, souvenirs bearing Kirby’s likeness will be available for purchase.

The first Kirby Café will open in Osaka next month, while more locations (including a gift-shop-only variant) are set to come. Who knows? Maybe eventually we could even see one in North America—and God only knows what kind of Pokémon you might be able to find there. For more info, check out the restaurant’s official site right here.


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