Home Style Kingsman: MR PORTER Announces Exclusive ‘Kingsman’ Collection (Video)

Kingsman: MR PORTER Announces Exclusive ‘Kingsman’ Collection (Video)

by Joseph
MR PORTER Kingsman Collection

MR PORTER Kingsman Collection

The upcoming film Kingsman: The Secret Service looks to be a more stylish enterprise than the usual Hollywood action movie. And that sense is confirmed by a newly announced tie-in between the movie and fashion retailer MR PORTER, the Kingsman collection developed in conjunction with the film’s costume designer Arianne Phillips.

Every item in the MR PORTER Kingsman collection is made in Britain and range from eyewear to accessories, tailoring, and more. And Phillips’ bonafides go beyond just this one movie – he’s worked on multiple award-winning films and is probably most famous for having been Madonna’s stylist. So a bespoke collection with input from him (and other select collaborators) is something to get excited about.

If you have indeed gotten excited about it, you’ll be pleased to know that the MR PORTER Kingsman bespoke collection is available now at the MR PORTER online store here. You can also watch a video about the collaborative collection below.

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