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Kindle Oasis: Cutting Edge E-Reader Unveiled by Amazon

by Joseph
Kindle Oasis

Kindle Oasis

Amazon‘s line of Kindle e-readers already boast a lot of impressive features that would have seemed like magic only a few years ago, and now the latest in the line has been unveiled. It’s the Kindle Oasis, but unlike its namesake it appears to be quite real.

The Kindle Oasis is 20 percent lighter than the next lightest Kindle, as well as 30 percent thinner, but its most notable upgrade over previous models can be found in its battery life. It’s purported to be able to last months on a single charge thanks to its included charging cover, which boosts the battery capacity and revs up the charging speed when you do eventually have to recharge it. It’s more durable and with 60 percent more LEDs, more readable than previous Kindles, too.

You can get more information on the Kindle Oasis, which comes out in two weeks to the day, at Amazon right here. You can pre-order it starting at $289.99, with multiple add-ons also available.

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