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Kim Kardashian Does Full Rear Nudity for ‘Paper’ Cover (Photos)

by Joseph
Kim Kardashian Paper Cover

If you wanted to do a magazine feature called “Break the Internet,” and you had nothing but Kim Kardashian and a camera at your disposal, what would you do? The people at Paper were faced with just that dilemma, and they did the most obvious (and the most effective) thing: They got Kim Kardashian to pose nude for the cover of their winter 2014 issue.

More specifically, Kim Kardashian bares what would have to be her most famous physical asset without even a semblance of clothing, and while covered in, what? Oil? Champagne? Whatever it is, it’s doing the trick. If this doesn’t break the internet, I don’t know what will.

Paper also managed a less explicit but still provocative cover for those more conservative newsstands out there, showing Kim Kardashian with her dress actually on, and spraying champagne at an angle that I’m pretty sure is impossible. You can check out both the SFW and NSFW covers in the gallery below, and for more on Paper‘s “Break the Internet” featuring the one and only Kim Kardashian, head over to Paper‘s website here.

Here are the covers:

Kim Kardashian Paper CoverKim Kardashian Paper Cover

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