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Kiev Slide Apartment by KI Design (Photos)

by Joseph
Kiev Slide Apartment

When you were a kid, it’s possible that you imagined what your house would be like if you grew up and had a ton of money. And it’s also possible that those plans included a slide for getting from one floor to another, instead of a boring staircase. If so, KI Design’s Kiev Slide Apartment may look mighty familiar to you.

The Kiev Slide Apartment gets its name from the honest-to-God slide that connects the second floor to the first, but unfortunately that seems to be the only slide in the place (the phrase “Slide Apartment” kind of makes me picture slides everywhere, even the bathroom). Heavy use of skylights give the apartment plenty of sun, and after a few days living there you’ll probably feel just like a kid again.

For now, though, you can just check out a few photos of the Kiev Slide Apartment in the gallery below. And if your Russian’s in adequate shape you can see more at the official KI Design site right here.

Here’s the gallery:

Kiev Slide ApartmentKiev Slide ApartmentKiev Slide ApartmentKiev Slide ApartmentKiev Slide Apartment


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