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Kiehl’s “Ultimate Man” Soap-On-A-Rope

by Joseph
Kiehl's Ultimate Man Soap On A Rope

Kiehl's Ultimate Man Soap On A Rope

This ain’t your mother’s soap-on-a-rope: It’s the “Ultimate Man” Body Scrub Soap-On-A-Rope from Kiehl’s.

Billed as a “fatigue scrubber,” the “Ultimate Man” soap is designed to exfoliate and deep-cleanse your skin, which makes it perfect for the cold winter months ahead.

Kiehl’s “Ultimate Man” Soap-On-A-Rope is made from sloughing bran, oatmeal and pumice, the latter giving it an abrasive texture for maximum exfoliation of dead skin tissue (hey, nobody said this was going to be pretty). It also contains hits of citrus extracts for a refreshing scent.

Each limited edition “Ultimate Man” Soap-On-A-Rope from Kiehl’s is available from their online store here for just $15. ¬†And remember, that includes the rope.

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