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KIDULT EXTINCTOR by Street Artist Kidult

by Joseph


Street artist Kidult has put out a limited edition “paint extinguisher” that does not actually extinguish paint (such a device would be antithetical to a street artist, I imagine) but instead sprays it in a new way. It’s called the KIDULT EXTINCTOR, and here are the official specs:

-Matte black ‘KIDULT’ and body finish
-All Metal Construction
-Schrader Valve Refillable, Large loop stainless steel pull pin
-Model: KID-002
-Capacity: 9 liter
-Weight: 4 kg
-Pression: max 210ps
-Size: 60 x 18 diameter
-Discharge Time: 50 seconds

You might notice that a paint supply is missing from that list, but the KIDULT EXTINCTOR is refillable so you can use it with your own supply of paint, provided you can stay one step ahead of the cops. Of course, if the worst happens and in an emergency situation someone mistakes your paint extinguisher with an actual fire extinguisher, you may want to stay a littler farther away.

Check out the KIDULT EXTINCTOR at the artist’s online shop here, where it’s currently listed as “coming soon.”

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