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Kia Sportspace Concept Car

by Joseph
Kia Sportspace

New from Kia is an impressive concept car ahead of the upcoming 2015 Geneva Motor Show. It’s the Kia Sportspace, a sleek, impressive-looking wagon that not much is known about apart from what we can see in the photos recently released by Kia.

What form the Kia Sportspace might take beyond impressing European car buffs in Geneva as a one-off concept car is unknown, but some (like the people at Car and Driver here, who probably know a little bit about what they’re talking about) have speculated that it’s actually the new upcoming Kia Optima under a different name.

Putting aside speculations and rumors, though, all we can do is look at the Kia Sportspace in all its glory, which is what you can do by taking a look at the gallery below. And for more, keep your eyes on the official Kia website here, where more info on the car might arrive sometime soon.

Here’s the gallery:

Kia SportspaceKia SportspaceKia Sportspace

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