Home Entertainment ‘Khali the Killer’: Sony Accidentally Leaks Entire Film on YouTube

‘Khali the Killer’: Sony Accidentally Leaks Entire Film on YouTube

by Joseph
Khali the Killer

Khali the Killer

It seems like something that could only happen in the imagination of someone who has no idea how the business actually works, but as it turns out it’s actually quite possible for a major corporation to accidentally leak an entire feature film on YouTube. It happened in the case of Sony’s Khali the Killer, a film which is supposed to only be available on DVD and digital formats.

For a few glorious hours this morning, cheapskates all across the globe were able to watch Khali the Killer in its entirety on YouTube, where a trailer touting the film’s proper availability was supposed to be. Sony eventually realized the mistake and pulled the film, but we’ll always have Thursday morning.

You can read up on the incident on The Hollywood Reporter right here, but Sony doesn’t appear to have made any public statement on the flub as of this writing. Truth be told, it might be the best kind of publicity they could have gotten for the movie, because of course the film is still available to rent across all major platforms now.

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