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KFC Watt A Box: Holds Chicken, Charges Phones (Video)

by Joseph
KFC Watt A Box

KFC Watt A Box

KFC has long been at the forefront of incorporating unnecessary technology into their restaurants for the sake of attention online. The latest entry in this category is the KFC Watt A Box, a “5-in-1 Meal Box” that can wirelessly charge smartphones in addition to its chicken-holding functionality.

Now for the bad news: If you’re reading this outside of India, your dreams of being able to give a quick charge to your phone while you enjoy KFC delicacies are for now still dreams, as the KFC Watt A Box is a KFC India joint for now. But the good news, kind of, is that it reportedly doesn’t actually charge phones very well—perhaps when the technology is perfected it will get a wider, global release.

Until then, you can either head to your nearest KFC India location to try the KFC Watt A Box for yourself, or get a vicarious charge out of the promotional video below. And if anyone from the Whataburger corporate office is reading this: I would consider a lawsuit.

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