Home Tech & Gear KFC Tray Typer for Grease-Free Texting Debuts in Germany (Video)

KFC Tray Typer for Grease-Free Texting Debuts in Germany (Video)

by Joseph
KFC Tray Typer

KFC Tray Typer

We’ve all been here – you’re enjoying a nice, greasy meal at a fast food restaurant when a text arrives. You want to reply promptly, but in the process your screen gets covered in a thick coating of that aforementioned grease. Solutions for this problem include leaving your phone in your pocket while you eat or liberal use of napkins during the meal, but KFC locations in Germany have a third answer: TheĀ KFC Tray Typer.

The KFC Tray Typer is a Bluetooth connectable and rechargeable keyboard built into the KFC tray, so users can type without touching their screens with their disgustingly greasy fingers. I hope the guy who came up with this one got a raise (and a moist towelette, which he or she in all likelihood needed).

You can see the KFC Tray Typer in action in the video below, although it’s geared more towards the corporate angle than the user one. And if you’re in Germany and in the mood for some Kentucky Fried Chicken, there just might be a Tray Typer in your near future.

Here’s the video:



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