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KFC Stocktails: “Gravy So Good You Can Drink It” (Video)

by Joseph
KFC Stocktails

KFC Stocktails

I’ve been known to enjoy some KFC chicken from time to time, but I admit I never really had any particular affection for the restaurant’s gravy. Evidently the Colonel and co. are tired of that attitude, because they’ve whipped up a line of KFC stocktails, cocktails made from the gravy (or, for the wordplay-challenged, “stock”) under the promise that it’s “gravy so good you can drink it.” Suddenly I’ve lost my appetite, but professional mixologist Patrick seems pretty enthusiastic about the project:

“When KFC came to me with the idea of creating genuine gravy cocktails, based on the growing trend of stocktails, I just couldn’t resist. The key was to find flavours and ingredients which perfectly complimented the distinctive taste of KFC gravy. For example, the Kentucky bourbon in The Southern Twist brings mellow, sweet spice notes to stand up against the savoury gravy. The herbal note of parsley on the rim brightens the sip with the brown sugar softening the kick of bourbon and uniting the flavours.”

Other KFC stocktails include the The Gravy Mary and The Fingerlickin’ Sour, both of which you can probably figure out on your own. Check out the commercial featuring the idea below, and please remember to consume gravy responsibly.

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