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KFC Scented Candle Subject to KFC New Zealand Giveaway

by Joseph
KFC Scented Candle

KFC Scented Candle

Yet another region-specific fast food novelty is getting attention on the internet, and this one isn’t even edible (at least, I don’t think it is). It’s the KFC Scented Candle, an evidently very real item being given away by KFC‘s New Zealand wing through a giveaway on Instagram.

To enter to win a KFC Scented Candle, you have to live in New Zealand and contribute an idea for another off-beat piece of KFC merchandise, one that will be the subject of another KFC giveaway should it be selected. Presumably, it smells like the chain’s signature fried chicken, which seems like as good an advertising ploy as any given that it will almost certainly result in KFC cravings wherever the candle is lit.

You can check out the Instagram post that introduced the KFC Scented Candle to the world right here. And if you’re not in New Zealand, consider writing a letter to your local KFC about the very unfair lack of availability of these candles all over the world.


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