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KFC Holiday Collection: Hall Deckin’ Good

by Joseph
KFC Holiday Collection

KFC Holiday Collection

It would be difficult to have this site (or any other lifestyle/culture site) on your radar without realizing that the KFC brand now extends far beyond fried chicken and into realms of gifts, apparel, and other assorted novelties. So it should come as no surprise that there’s a KFC holiday collection now available for browsing and shopping at the KFC Ltd. online store.

The KFC holiday collection is made up of t-shirts, caps, jewelry, pins, stickers, and plenty of other stuff for the KFC lover in your life who you may be looking for holiday gifts for this year. And yes, there is at least one item (a long-sleeve t-shirt) bearing the blessed image of “Santa Colonel,” which I’m sure will be studied by far-future anthropologists as some kind of obscure hybrid deity thousands of years from now.

For right now, though, you can shop the KFC holiday collection right here.

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