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‘KFC Comfort Zone’: A Meditation Series from KFC (Video)

by Joseph
KFC Comfort Zone

KFC Comfort Zone

Sometimes I feel vaguely guilty about how often I find myself writing about KFC’s various promotional stunts on this site – especially since the Colonel hasn’t written me any checks. But how can I resist when the chicken chain keeps doing crazy stuff like KFC Comfort Zone, a new parody meditational web series that lets you appreciate the brand in a Zen-inflected way.

KFC Comfort Zone episodes have titles like “The Zen of Steam” (“Some people think steam is a way to tell how warm something is. At KFC, we also see it as the evaporation of stress and existential pain.”) and “On Sporks (A Meditation on Duality).” This probably goes without saying, but it’s weird – real weird.

What else can I say about KFC Comfort Zone? At best, it’ll give you a little sincere relaxation parallel to the comedy, at worst, it will hit you with an unstoppable KFC craving. Check out one of the episodes below, and the rest at KFC’s YouTube channel here.


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