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KFC ChickenGram for Valentine’s Day (Video)

by Joseph
KFC ChickenGram

KFC ChickenGram

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, and you’re probably wondering if there’s anything KFC-related you’ll be able to do in observation. Not to spoil it, but yes, there is! It’s a contest to win a KFC ChickenGram courtesy of KFC Canada.

What is a KFC ChickenGram? It’s a heart-shaped bucket of the chain’s famous fried chicken, and to win you have to go to KFC Canada’s Facebook page here and let them know why your significant other deserves a bucket. I don’t live in Canada, so you can have this idea for free: “Her doctor is telling her she needs to eat more fried foods.” Pretty good, right?

Anyway, the deadline to enter to win a KFC ChickenGram is today, February 10th, so you better get to it if you want to experience that lovin’, finger-lickin’ feeling for yourself and that special someone. You can also get some more info on the promotion in the video below, so enjoy:

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