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KFC Bath Bomb Introduced by KFC Japan

by Joseph
KFC Bath Bomb

KFC Bath Bomb

What can one even say at this point? KFC is one of several fast food chains involved in a never-ending competition to see who can come up with the wildest, craziest promotional gimmicks, all in search of those elusive Facebook and Twitter shares. The latest example? A KFC Bath Bomb developed by KFC Japan.

The KFC Bath Bomb was developed in conjunction with Japanese novelty brand Village Vanguard, and its purpose should be clear to anyone familiar with the bath bomb concept. Basically, you throw the drumstick-shaped gizmo into your bathtub, and you’ll soon be rewarded with a rich, fried chicken scented lather. It’s the grand prize in a new giveaway for KFC customers in Japan, as revealed by the brand’s official Twitter account:

If there’s any semblance of justice or mercy in the world, this will be the last any of us ever hear about the KFC Bath Bomb. Keep your fingers crossed.

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