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KeyBiner: Keychain/Carabiner Multitool Holds 14 Keys

by Joseph


The practice of using a carabiner for a keychain isn’t new, but it has inspired someone to whip up a carabiner specifically designed to hold your key arsenal. It’s the KeyBiner, a keychain alternative that can hold up to 14 standard-sized keys, and that acts as a multitool with several different useful components.

Those components include an array of wrenches, a screwdriver, a prybar, a file, a bottle opener, and more, but the thing you’ll probably use the KeyBiner to do most is simply holding your keys. And since it can hold so many, not only will you never need a conventional keychain again but you’ll probably wonder how you ever survived with just it in your pocket (it can’t even open bottles!).

You can pre-order a KeyBiner for $35 at the product’s Kickstarter page right here, where you can also get a complete rundown on all the things it can do.

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