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Keyboard Cat Drops New Track (Video)

by Joseph
Keyboard Cat 96 Tears

Keyboard Cat 96 Tears

Internet novelties generally don’t return for second rounds, at least not so that anyone would notice. But Keyboard Cat has always been a little more resonant than your usual internet meme, and he’s capitalizing again on his enduring fame with another winning performance.

This one is a rendition of the 1966 ? and the Mysterians track “96 Tears.” In just 30 seconds, the song is given the imitable Keyboard Cat treatment, and the result already has more than a million views on YouTube even though it was only uploaded (as of this writing) four days ago.

If you have the willpower of some kind of superhero and haven’t already skipped to the bottom to watch the video, allow me to direct you to Keyboard Cat’s newest joint, “96 Tears.” And, just for kicks, I’ll go ahead and include the original Keyboard Cat video underneath, for your comparing and contrasting pleasure.

Here’s “96 Tears”:

And here’s the original Keyboard Cat classic:

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