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Key Lime Pie Oreos Now Available

by Joseph
Key Lime Pie Oreos

Key Lime Pie Oreos

Remember a couple years ago when Beyoncé released a surprise album out of nowhere? The cookie equivalent of that is happening now in grocery stores across the country, with the release of Key Lime Pie Oreos. And somehow, unlike other specialty Oreo flavors, there wasn’t any pre-release hype for this version.

The release of Key Lime Pie Oreos would seem to intentionally coincide with another higher-profile specialty Oreo – the Oreo Thins, featuring cookies significantly slimmer than traditional Oreos. Those that aren’t interested in less Oreo, but always more, will probably prefer the Key Lime Pie variant.

Key Lime Pie Oreos are reportedly a summer-only limited time product, so head to your local grocery store and pick up a box for yourself before it’s too late. And for more from the greatest mass-produced cookie in the history of the world, just pay a visit to the official Oreo site right here.

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