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The Kevo: A 21st Century Smart Lock

by Joseph


It’s kind of weird that in 2013 we’re still all using regular old keys to get into our houses and apartments, isn’t it? The makers of Kevo must think so, as they’ve come up with a “smart deadbolt” that works using your iPhone, Bluetooth 4¬†and your finger.

Basically, the Kevo is synced up with its accompanying iPhone app, and will only unlock the door when it senses you, and only you, are trying to open it. You can also send out “eKeys” to friends and other visitors so they can get in too. And you don’t even have to have a smartphone to use the Kevo, as it also comes with a Kevo Fob, which provides much of the same basic functionality as the iPhone app.

For more info, head to the Kevo website here. Release details, such as price and availability, aren’t clear as of now, but you can sign up for email updates from the site. And it’s expected to come out sometime this summer.

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