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“Ketchup Leather” is the Newest Burger Innovation (Video)

by Joseph
Ketchup Leather

Ketchup Leather

It might sound like the result of a lunchtime Mad Libs game, but “Ketchup Leather” is evidently an actual thing you can order on a cheeseburger, provided you’re doing the ordering at Los Angeles’ Plan Check burger joint (at least until it catches on).

What is Ketchup Leather? It’s ketchup that’s been dehydrated and flattened out to the point that it roughly reaches the consistency of a Fruit Roll-Up. Personally, that sounds kind of gross to me, but I have mixed feelings about ketchup in general. The good news, though, is that you’re not supposed to eat it in its dehydrated form – once it hits the beef patty, it liquefies, but without soaking the bun in ketchup (a common burger ailment).

You can see Ketchup Leather in action in Food Steez’s recent “Restaurant of the Week” profile of Plan Check in the video below. And for more from the popular food-related YouTube channel, check it out right here.

Here’s the video:


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