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Ken Block Unveils The RaptorTrax

by Joseph
Ford F150 RaptorTrax

Ford F150 RaptorTrax

Pro rally driver Ken Block was apparently uninterested in shoveling any snow this winter, so he had his Ford F150 SVT Raptor transformed into the RaptorTrax by Hoonigan Racing Division. They completely eliminated the wheels on the truck, and replaced them with Mattrax, which, in addition to the truck’s new paint job, makes the Ford F150 RaptorTrax an unforgettable sight.

The Ford F150 RaptorTrax also has some upgrades under the hood, including a Whipple supercharger, as well as a roll cage, snowboard rack, rear-mounted winch, and more. As far as winter vehicles go, the RaptorTrax would appear to be the one to beat.

To get a look at Ken Block’s Ford F150 RaptorTrax in action, you’ll have to wait until it makes its official debut at the Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado, which are coming up soon. Until then, you’ll just have to satisfy yourself with the image of the RaptorTrax at the top of the page.


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