Home Entertainment ‘Kelly’s Wave’: Kelly Slater Wave Company Demonstrates Artificial Waves (Video)

‘Kelly’s Wave’: Kelly Slater Wave Company Demonstrates Artificial Waves (Video)

by Joseph
Kelly's Wave

Kelly's Wave

Waves, particularly perfect, tubular, surfable waves, are generally thought to be the domain of Mother Nature and her niece Lady Luna, but now technology has finally advanced to the point that humans can create acceptable waves with the power of machinery. I know this because I watched Kelly’s Wave, a demonstration video from the Kelly Slater Wave Company.

The Kelly Slater Wave Company gets its name from pro surfer Kelly Slater, who does the honors of surfing the wave created by his company’s flagship product in Kelly’s Wave. Watching it, it’s hard to believe that a machine could create such waves on a flat lake, but that’s the whole point of a demonstration video.

You can watch Kelly’s Wave for yourself below these words, and if it makes you want more information on the wares of the Kelly Slater Wave Company, you can check out its official site right here.

Here’s the video:


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