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Keewifi Router Makes WiFi Simpler

by Joseph


If you’ve ever crashed on anybody’s couch for a couple days and tried to get WiFi access, you know it can range from “no problem” to “ugh this is such a hassle that I’d rather just go two days without checking my Facebook.” But if you find yourself on the couch of somebody with a Keewifi router in the near future, you can say goodbye even to the minimal hassles of guest WiFi access.

That’s because Keewifi works not with hard-to-remember passwords, but actual proximity to the router itself – all you have to do is hold your smartphone, tablet, or computer close to the router’s “syncing panel” (not to be confused with a “sinking panel”) and presto, you’re connected to the internet.

The Keewifi router is currently in its fundraising phase on Kickstarter, so you have about a month left to get one for a special introductory price of $59 here.

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