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Keep Your Liquor Ice Cold With The Ice Jacket

by Joseph

Ice Jacket


Keeping beverages cold is a party-hosting problem with no easy solution.¬†At least, that used to be the case before the creation of the Ice Jacket, which is a “cool” (pun certainly intended) way to keep your drinks frosty without having to water them down with ice.

Here’s how it works: The $35 polypropylene Ice Jacket has a base grip that fits on the bottom of most standard-sized liquor bottles, and a sleeve that fits around the rest. You fill the Jacket with water and throw it in the freezer with your prized liquor, and a few hours later it pops out with a nice thick coating of ice that will not only keep your liquor cold, but it looks pretty cool too.

If you think the Ice Jacket is exactly what your summer party is missing, you can pick one up at their website, here.

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