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Katz’s Subscription Service from America’s Favorite Deli

by Joseph
Katz's Subscription Service

Katz's Subscription Service

Katz’s Deli in New York is probably the most revered delicatessen in the world, but like everything cool about New York City you can find some version of it almost anywhere these days. I’m talking about Katz’s Subscription Service, which gives Fat Katz all over the country access to monthly shipments of that special good stuff. Like, for example, June’s Pastrami Package, which includes:

• 1 Medium Whole Pastrami (approximately 4.1-4.7lbs) • 1 Pound of Deli Mustard
• 1 Pound of Sliced Juicy Pastrami • 1 Quart of New Pickles
• 1 Full Loaf of Rye Bread • 1 Katz’s Deli T-shirt

Many of the monthly Katz’s Subscription Service packages are seasonally tailored, like the October Halloween Package for some sliced tongue sandwiches at your neighborhood haunted house.

These doubtlessly delicious packages ship all over the country, and you can sign up for yours and see the whole list of upcoming packages at Katz’s website right here.

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