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Kate Upton Suffers Monroe-esque Wardrobe Malfunction (Photos)

by Joseph
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Supermodel Kate Upton has long been compared to the iconic Marilyn Monroe thanks to their similar natural sex appeal and charm. But even though Kate Upton hasn’t yet lived up to the comparison in her acting work, she did have a wardrobe malfunction during a recent photo shoot in Miami that was somewhat reminiscent of the famous one Monroe had to deal with in The Seven Year Itch.

Of course, in Monroe’s case, it was a rehearsed and planned piece of cinematic artistry, where for Kate Upton it was just a stiff gust of wind. But as you’ll see when you check out the photos, she took the incident with an equal amount of stride to her famous historical counterpart.

You can see what I mean by taking a look at Kate Upton’s wardrobe malfunction in the gallery below. And the pictures come courtesy of two different Twitter accounts, which you can see more of here and here.

Here are the photos:

Kate Upton Wardrobe MalfunctionKate Upton Wardrobe Malfunction

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