Home Style ‘Kate Upton Gets Intimate’ for ‘Sports Illustrated’ (Video)

‘Kate Upton Gets Intimate’ for ‘Sports Illustrated’ (Video)

by Joseph
Kate Upton Gets Intimate

Kate Upton Gets Intimate

The people at Sports Illustrated have been somehow able to determine that people like watching videos of Kate Upton. Who could have guessed? And they have obliged us all with a video made from behind-the-scenes footage of the model’s recent Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue photoshoot. The video is called Kate Upton Gets Intimate, although she doesn’t get quite as intimate as most of her viewers would have probably preferred.

Kate Upton Gets Intimate does have plenty going for it, though, and it does come as close as you can get to seeing Kate Upton topless in a YouTube video. And if you’re in the Western Hemisphere, it will either be hopelessly depressing or cheerfully optimistic to see someone frolicking around at the beach during the cold of December.

You can watch Kate Upton Gets Intimate below, provided you’re not easily embarrassed and you have about two minutes to spare. And if that piques your interest, you can watch more Sports Illustrated swimsuit videos here.

Here’s the video:

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